Legal Marriage Age in Greece

Legal Marriage Age in Greece

Use this tool to examine child marriage from an interactive map view and layer datasets and access detailed local information. Each spouse needs a copy of the following documents. Plan two copies each for a religious ceremony – one for the church and one for the town hall: the first recorded age of consent law in England dates back 800 years. The age of consent in question is linked to the rape law and not to the right to marry, as is sometimes misunderstood. In 1275, as part of the Rape Act, the Statute of Westminster 1275 criminalized in England the „rape“ of a „virgin in old age“, with or without her consent. Lawyer Sir Edward Coke interpreted the phrase „within age“ to mean the age of marriage, which was 12 at the time. [18] A 1576 law was created with harsher penalties for the devastation of a girl, for which the age of consent was set at 10. [19] Under English common law, the age of consent outside the rape law was 10 or 12 and rape was defined as forced sexual intercourse with a woman against her will. To convict a man of rape, both violence and lack of consent had to be proved, except in the case of a girl under the age of consent.

Since the age of consent applies in all circumstances, not just physical assault, the law also prohibits a minor girl (under 12 years of age) from consenting to sexual activity. There was one exception: the acts of a man with his wife (women over 12), to which the rape law did not apply. [20] Lawyer Sir Matthew Hale said both rape laws were valid at the same time. [21] In 1875, the Offence Against the Persons Act raised the age in England to 13; A sexual act with a girl under the age of 13 was a crime. [22] The age of marriage as a right is generally the age of majority, which is 18 in most countries. However, in some countries the age of majority is less than 18, while in others it is 19, 20 or 21. In Canada, for example, the age of majority in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut is 19, and marriage before age 19 in these provinces requires parental or court consent (see Marriage in Canada). In the United States, for example, the age of majority is 21 in Mississippi and 19 in Nebraska and requires parental consent. In many jurisdictions in North America, minors are legally emancipated through marriage. [42] In medieval Western Europe, the rise of Catholicism and land ownership had both created incentives to keep nuclear families, and so the age of marriage increased; The Western Church has introduced marriage laws and practices that have undermined large kinship groups. The Catholic Church banned blood-related marriages, a model of marriage that, throughout history, had been a way to maintain clans (and thus their power).

[14] The Roman Catholic Church has restricted arranged marriages in which the bride has not unequivocally consented to the union. [15] Catholic canon law adopted Roman law, which set the minimum age of marriage at 12 for women and 14 for men. The Roman Catholic Church raised the minimum age of marriage to 14 for women and 16 for men in 1917, and lowered the age of majority to 18 in 1983. Marriages in Greece can be civil, religious or a combination. Both types of marriages are recognized by law. A civil servant performs civil ceremonies while a minister or priest performs religious ceremonies. You do not need to be a citizen or resident of Greece to get married there. However, if you marry a Greek citizen or resident, they must have a valid residence permit.

Some legal requirements may vary depending on the city or island where you want to get married, so it`s always a good idea to check with local authorities. Jews follow the law of the country in which they live. In modern Israel, the general age of marriage is 18 for both men and women, but with judicial approval, 16-year-old men and women can marry. Historically, individuals were allowed to enter into a marriage contract at a very young age. This coincided with signs of puberty: such as the onset of menstruation for a woman and pubic hair growth for a man. In ancient Rome, the appropriate minimum age was 14 for men and 12 for women. [10] The Shafi`i, Hanbali, and Maliki schools of classical Islamic jurisprudence interpret the „age of marriage“ in the Qur`an (24:59) as the completion of puberty. For the Shafi`i, Hanbali and Maliki schools of Islamic jurisprudence, the condition for marriage in Sunni Islam is physical maturity (bulugh) and spiritual maturity (precipitated). You will also have to go through a waiting period between your marriage proposal and your wedding day. This waiting period varies depending on the community where you want to get married, but can last from a week to a few months. For a civil marriage certificate, you can expect a seven-day waiting period. The 55 Parties to the 1962 Convention on Consent to Marriage, Minimum Age for Marriage and Registration of Marriages have agreed to legislate on a minimum age for marriage in order to override customary, religious and tribal laws and traditions.

If the age of marriage according to the law of a religious community is lower than that provided for by the law of the country, the law of the State prevails. However, some religious communities do not accept the primacy of state law in this regard, which can lead to child or forced marriage. The 123 parties to the 1956 Supplementary Convention on the Abolition of Slavery agreed to introduce a mandatory minimum „reasonable“ age for marriage. In many developing countries, official age requirements are only guidelines. UNICEF, the United Nations Children`s Organization, considers the marriage of a minor (legal child), a person under adulthood, as a child marriage and as a violation of rights. [1] Child marriage is driven by gender inequality and the belief that women and girls are somehow inferior to men and boys. In 2010, 158 countries reported 18 as the legal age for women to marry without parental consent or the consent of a competent authority. However, in 146 countries, State or customary law allows girls under the age of 18 to marry with the consent of their parents or other authorities; In 52 countries, girls under the age of 15 can marry with their parents` consent. In contrast, 18 is the legal age of marriage without consent for men in 180 countries. In addition, in 105 countries, boys can marry with the consent of a parent or competent authority, and in 23 countries, boys under the age of 15 can marry with parental consent. In England and Wales, the Marriage Act 1753 required that a marriage be covered by a licence (which required parental consent for persons under 21) or the publication of banns (which parents of persons under 21 could prohibit).

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