What Is Motivation from a Business Perspective

What Is Motivation from a Business Perspective

The rise of flexible work practices is another good example of empowering employees. For example, providing the technology and freedom to work from home. Every company works with a goal of growth, but few manage to beat the competition in every curve. The performance of good employee work should be recognized, accepted and praised by senior management to create motivation in employees. Motivation is essential to the growth of an organization. Here are some benefits of motivation in an organization: The gender perspective in entrepreneurial research has highlighted the differences between male and female entrepreneurs by focusing on motivational triggers for starting businesses (Bourgain and Chaudat, 2015, Gupta et al., 2009, Lorna and Fleck, 2013, Malach-Pines and Schwartz, 2008). As such, women entrepreneurs seem to be driven by economic factors, and they often embrace entrepreneurship for their personal development (Verheul, Van Stel, & Thurik, 2006). Despite some evidence of motivational aspects for women (Thebaud, 2015, Verheul et al., 2006), understanding gender gaps in motivational factors for starting new businesses remains an avenue of research that needs to be explored. Thus, motivation can be described as the process by which an individual has the opportunity to satisfy his needs by pursuing certain goals. In general, women`s participation in entrepreneurial activities has increased (e.g., Brush, 1992). Nevertheless, women are still about half as likely as men to start and start new businesses (Shinnar, Giacomin and Janssen 2012).

While a remarkable number of studies have documented the broad scope of entrepreneurship from a gender perspective, others focus on gender specificities in firms (Berger and Kuckertz, 2016, Fischer et al., 1993, Kimbu and Ngoasong, 2016). Dr Vahid Jafari-Sadeghi is Assistant Professor of Strategy at Coventry University`s School of Strategy and Leadership. Vahid holds a PhD in International Entrepreneurship from the University of Turin, where he spent a year as a postdoctoral fellow. He has also been a visiting scholar at the University of Regina and has contributed to various research projects with various scientists and universities. Vahid has articles in several international The successful performance of various functions such as planning, organizing, managing, coordinating and controlling – all are associated with motivation. Motivation is the right force that can make planning successful, organization strong, leadership powerful, close coordination and effective control. A motive initiates an action or behavior to achieve a specific goal, and this corresponds directly to an individual`s desire. Motivators are the tools used to motivate employees, such as promotions and salary bonuses. The act of motivation is the actual process of completing a task and it usually depends on the motives and motivators.

A summary of Pink`s key points about the three intrinsic elements of motivation can be found below. For simple, straightforward tasks, Pink recognizes that traditional financial rewards or a carrot-and-stick approach to motivation work. These can be considered as „external“ methods of motivation. They are simple and always work. Motivation allows managers to understand and realize the needs of employees and gives them corresponding satisfaction. If there is this understanding and motivation behind this, managers are sure to receive the necessary cooperation from employees for the profitability of the company. In fact, motivation can be seen as an integral part of the steering process. In the management of subordinates, the manager must try to awaken in them the will to pursue the objectives of the organization with enthusiasm. In trying to do this, it can be said that the manager cares about motivation. The term „motivation“ is derived from the word „reason“.

In addition to financial incentives, certain non-monetary facilities such as the provision of travel, education, accommodation and medical care to employees should be put in place – free of charge – to motivate.

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