Night Vision Laws Michigan

Night Vision Laws Michigan

In short, only night-time hunting of foxes, raccoons, opossums, alligators, bullfrogs and pig frogs is allowed. Hunting with night vision goggles is not allowed. Foxes may only be hunted with artificial light and dogs at night, and raccoons and opossums may be hunted at night with artificial light and legal weapons and ammunition, as provided for in Regulation 220-2-.02, if the hunter is accompanied by one or more dogs that are not on a leash. Download the Raccoon Regulation”The raccoon is allowed to be hunted at night. It is illegal to use a rifle or pistol greater than .22 or a shooting size larger than bird shot number 4. It is illegal to catch raccoons with a light from a motor vehicle or ORV. “It is illegal to possess devices that use electronic devices to increase the ability to see in the dark (night vision goggles) while hunting a type of wildlife, both protected and unprotected.” “When hunting takes place during deer season, the hours of operation and legal hunting equipment are the same as for deer rifle season. Rifles and night vision goggles are legal for coyote hunting; However, rifles and night hunting between 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise are prohibited during the season for deer rifles and muzzle-loading deer. In short, foxes, raccoons, skunks, opossums, weasels, marmots, coyotes and wild pigs can be hunted at night, but restrictions apply, especially during deer season. Night vision is allowed when hunting coyotes and wild pigs, but not during deer season. The use of continuous white light visible for at least 1/4 mile is necessary when hunting furry animals at night. Download the regulation In short, night hunting is not restricted by state regulations and is only allowed in certain counties. The use of night vision and artificial light is also limited by each county.

Contact your local office for specific county laws. Download the “Night vision devices and laser sights may be used” regulation. ☏ “Coyotes can be hunted at night during the specified season. At any other time of the year, coyotes can only be hunted during the day (half an hour before sunrise and half an hour after sunset). In short, hunting raccoons or possums at night is allowed, but caliber restrictions apply. The use of artificial light is not allowed, while night vision devices are allowed as long as they do not emit visible light. Download the regulation “For coyote or fox hunting, a licence issued by fish and wildlife is required in accordance with the provisions (see table, page 54) of the special coyote and fox season permit; as follows: A coyote or fox hunting licence is required 1.) hunting at night and/or 2.) Shaft sizes greater than #4 thin and up to size #3 buck and/or 3.) use a rifle for coyotes or foxes, except accidentally for deer hunting (see table / QR code on the previous page). Sunday hunting is not legal. It is important to know what the hunting object looks like in night vision. This helps to avoid hunting mistakes. It is also important to learn how to move properly and quietly with night vision goggles.

This can cause some difficulties at first. In short: in the state of Rhode Island, only raccoons can be hunted at night, there are caliber restrictions. Night vision devices are not permitted, and only the use of a kerosene lantern or flashlight with 6 cells or less is permitted. Download the rules Night vision goggles must have a light source to function properly. Image enhancement works using existing light sources. Due to their passive nature, they will not work in complete darkness. “The use of artificial light to hunt coyotes at night is allowed.” In short: night hunting of raccoons and coyotes is allowed. The use of night vision and artificial light for coyote hunting is allowed, while only an electric flashlight can be used to hunt raccoons at night. The use of night vision devices is not permitted for raccoon hunting. Download Iowa regulations: Iowa is another state where night vision goggles for hunting are only allowed for certain animals. In this case, only raccoons, coyotes and other furry animals can be hunted using night vision goggles.

In addition, this type of equipment is allowed if the hunt is carried out with the help of dogs. In short: bobcats, foxes, raccoons and opossums as well as annoying species can be hunted at night. Artificial light can be used as long as it is not fixed or poured from a vehicle. Night vision telescopes and laser sights are allowed. Download the rules “PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES: Bow or crossbow hunting equipped with an infrared sight, laser, electric sight or device specially designed to improve vision at night (does NOT include non-projected red dot sights; SR 56:116.1. (b) (4)). In short, nighttime hunting of coyotes and raccoons is permitted during the season, but caliber restrictions apply. Artificial light is allowed, but not from a motor vehicle, snowmobile or ORV. The regulation does not list any restrictions on night vision and is therefore considered permitted. Download the Terms Even without an exclusive license, you cannot export or import night vision devices. North Dakota: The use of night vision goggles to hunt coyotes, foxes, beavers and raccoons is permitted.

Kentucky: Use of night vision devices is allowed in Kentucky Before choosing between thermal imaging and night vision optics, you need to understand the differences in technology. “You must not possess night vision or thermal imaging devices while carrying a firearm, bow or any other device used to capture wildlife.” “Raccoons, foxes, coyotes*, bobcats, striped skunks, opossums and weasels may be hunted at any time, day or night, except during the limited periods specified in exception 1 (see the Fur section for details). (1) The use of fires for night hunting is prohibited in all areas where the general deer season is open. Currently, there are no age requirements or restrictions for purchasing night vision goggles in Michigan. You can buy the best night vision goggles you can afford. In short: coyotes, grey foxes, opossums, raccoons, red foxes and striped skunks can be hunted at night with a valid hunting licence and only during the hunting season. Although the use of night vision is allowed, continuous burning light that can be seen at least 500 feet long should also be used. Download the bylaw “Landowners have more options than ever to control wild boar on their properties. You can shoot wild boars year-round during the day without limit and catch with bait outside the big game season.

In addition, landowners can get an exemption from their TWARA regional office, which allows them to kill wild boars at night with a searchlight, trap throughout the year, etc. “In short, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, skunks and opossums can be hunted at night with artificial light and night vision goggles during the open season.” Download Delaware Regulations: Use of Night Vision Goggles Prohibited in Delaware In Brief: Badger, raccoon, red fox, rabbits, ground squirrels, marmots, tree squirrels, porcupines, prairie dogs, coyotes, weasels, striped skunks and cat civet (spotted skunk) can be hunted at night with the permission of the landowner. The use of night vision and artificial light devices is permitted. Download the regulation “Birds and wildlife may only be captured between 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset with a rifle, pistol, shotgun, archery equipment, dogs or falconry, with the following exceptions: raccoons, Wild boars and opossums can be caught at night.

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