Legally Blonde Pg 13

Legally Blonde Pg 13

Reese Witherspoon plays a young woman who seems to do everything for her, except that her boyfriend`s family thinks she`s not smart enough because she`s a natural blonde. So she entered Harvard Law to prove that stereotypes are false. Also starring Matthew Davis, Selma Blair, Luke Wilson and Victor Garber. [1:34] Total: C+ While Elle Woods does her best to dispel the blonde`s stereotype, the sexual content and language make Legally Blonde a family crime. “LEGAL BLONDE” (2001) (Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson) (PG-13) Alcohol/Drugs Disrespectful blood/blood/Bad attitude Scary/tense scenes Guns/Weapons Moderate None *No imitationJumpScenes behavior Music (scary/tense) Music (inappropriate) Mild obscenity No moderate sex/nudity Tense smoking Family scenes Topics to talk about violence Moderate No minors Moderate Minor QUICK TAKE: Comedy: Hope to win back her notorious boyfriend who calls her because of her golden curls, an otherwise happy blonde who is accepted into the same law school he attends, and then has to deal with other people`s preconceptions about her based on her appearance. LAND: Elle Woods (REESE WITHERSPOON) has lived the good life. Not only is she a natural blonde who comes from a wealthy family, but she is also an honorary student and the president of her sisterhood, Delta Nu, was a homecoming queen at CULA and has two great friends in sister sisters Margot (JESSICA CAUFFIEL) and Serena (ALANNA UBACH). Then there`s her boyfriend, Warner Huntington III (MATTHEW DAVIS), on whom all the other girls faint and wish they could be theirs. She and her friends believe that he is going to propose to her at a fancy dinner, but to her surprise, he decides to drop her because she is too blonde and not serious enough or smart enough for his political future, which is supposed to start with attending Harvard Law School. Desperate to win him back, she decides to enroll in it too – despite her degree in fashion merchandising – and manages to learn hard enough and use her perkiness and sexuality to be admitted. When she arrives in Massachusetts from California, she stands out as a sore thumb — not only because of her hair, but also because of her bubbly personality and extravagant clothes — and tries to look surprised when she meets Warner.

She soon realizes that her plan will not be as simple as initially thought. Her first teacher, Professor Stromwell (HOLLAND TAYLOR), puts her in her place because she is not prepared for classes, and it turns out that Warner now sees Vivian Kensington (SELMA BLAIR), another law student he dated in kindergarten and who now seems determined to be a constant thorn in Elle`s side. She finds a soulmate in Paulette (JENNIFER COOLIDGE), a local manicurist, and receives advice from Emmett (LUKE WILSON), a legal assistant to Professor Callahan (VICTOR GARBER), an instructor who is also a practicing lawyer and is looking for promising students to complete his internship program. When Warner insults Elle`s potential again, she decides to prove him wrong and sets out to get one of these seats. When she and other law students like Enid (MERDITH SCOTT LYNN) and David (OZ PERKINS) compete for internships, she eventually helps Callahan in a murder case in which her client, Brooke Taylor Windham (ALI LARTER), a former Delta Nu, has been accused of shooting her rich, much older husband. When the case begins and witnesses such as the deceased`s adult daughter, Chutney (LINDA CARDELLINI), her mother, Mrs. Windham Vandermark (RAQUEL WELCH), the deceased`s ex-wife, and Enrique (GREG SERANO), the pool boy, set out to help her sister sister and prove that blondes can have fun and do something of themselves at the same time. WILL CHILDREN WANT TO SEE IT? Many teens will probably want to see it, especially if they`re fans of someone in the cast or liked movies like “Clueless” and “10 Things I Hate About You.” WHY THE MPAA RATED IT: PG-13 For language and sexual references. REESE WITHERSPOON plays a cheeky and bubbly student who decides to study law to get her boyfriend back after he leaves her because she is too blonde and not serious enough for her reputation. Although she sometimes behaves dirty, she is intelligent and eventually proves herself.

She briefly uses blasphemies. JESSICA CAUFFIEL and ALANNA UBACH play their sisters and best friends just as alive. Matthew Davis plays Elle`s boyfriend, who leaves her because of his blonde appearance and reputation for being seen with such a woman. He briefly uses blasphemies. SELMA BLAIR plays his new girlfriend, a fellow law student who has decided to be mean to Elle, even though she ends up changing paths. VICTOR GARBER plays a law professor and practicing lawyer who sees Elle`s potential and gives her one of his coveted internships, but we eventually learn that he did it for sexual reasons. LUKE WILSON plays her assistant, who befriends and helps her. JENNIFER COOLIDGE plays a manicure who also befriends Elle and uses profanity while trying to muster the courage to be more open with a delivery man who is nice to her. HOLLAND TAYLOR plays another law professor who is Elle but has her best intentions in mind. ALI LARTER plays a successful young businesswoman who is on trial for the murder of her husband and has a special reason for not giving him an alibi. She briefly uses blasphemies. MERDITH SCOTT LYNN plays another student who is a politically active lesbian (although we don`t see any related activity).

OZ PERKINS plays a nerdy law student. ACTORS, CREW AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION HOW OTHERS RATED THIS FILM Curious about whether this title is entertaining, good and/or has artistic value? Then read OUR POINT of view of this film. (Note: “Our Take`s” review of this title examines the artistic merits of the film and does not consider any of the potentially offensive material listed below.) OUR WORD TO PARENTS: Below is a brief summary of the content of this PG-13 rated comedy. Blasphemy consists of several uses of the “s” word, as well as terms familiar to male genitalia, other expletives, and various colorful phrases. Various cases of sexual dialogue are present, but not too graphic / explicit in nature, while some Hear in duplicate are present as well as multiple homosexual characters. A young woman sometimes uses her appearance and sexuality to get what she wants (not associated with sex), and is sometimes seen in revealing and/or skinny clothing. Different characters have varying degrees of bad attitude, while they and others drink in different scenes and some violence is present (mostly of the slapstick variety, but we hear that a person was murdered by being shot, although this is all played for laughter). The rest of the film`s remaining categories have little or nothing other significant offensive content.

However, if you have concerns about the film and its suitability for anyone in your home who wants to see it, we encourage you to take a closer look at our detailed content lists for more specific information about what`s in it. ALCOHOL OR DRUG USE Some students stop or drink at two parties/events. People drink wine at dinner, while Warner and Elle drink champagne. Elle`s father has a martini, as does a woman with him. We see students carrying a keg of beer while she is studying. Students drink beer at a law school party while Vivian and a friend drink wine. Paulette`s old friend holds a beer in his hand. She and Paulette have something that could be drinks.

Someone comments on someone who overthrows the Cosmopolitans. Elle`s father has a martini when she graduates. BLOOD/BLOOD None. An older salesman thinks badly of Elle (that she`s a stupid blonde with Dad`s credit card) and tries to take advantage of her in a clothing store (but Elle puts her in her place). Warner has both types of plans to separate from Elle, based solely on his appearance and how others would perceive him if he were still with her. Later, he tells her that she is not smart enough to study law and/or win a coveted internship. Many students look at and/or mock her just because of her appearance. Vivian immediately has both types of attitudes towards Her, but later slowly changes her way and attitude towards her (after telling her that a party she will attend is of the costumed variety, if not just to embarrass her).

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