Legal and General Insurance Management Team

Legal and General Insurance Management Team

In the 1940s, Legal & General`s headquarters were moved from Temple Bar House in the City of London to a converted former girls` school in leafy Kingswood, Surrey, with the exception of some management functions that remained in London. The girls` school (St. Monica`s), which served as the basis for the site, was attended by writer Vera Brittain, mother of politician Shirley Williams. [10] The Kingswood site, which included sports fields, a park, a large and luxurious swimming pool, a canteen and a mock English pub, was expanded in the 1950s and again in the 1980s. [11] In 2015, it was announced that the headquarters would close “possibly before 2025.” [12] [13] Indeed, after a period of uncertainty for Kingswood employees,[14] it was announced that the site would close much earlier, in 2018. [15] Bill joined Legal & General in 2007 and is responsible for transforming the UK real estate fund management business into a global real estate fund platform. Operating in both the direct investment and lending markets, the firm actively invests and manages over £36 billion* of assets under management and offers capacity in the areas of real estate, infrastructure and corporate debt. Bill previously held positions at RREEF, Deutsche Bank`s Real Estate Fund Management and Schroder Property Investment Management. Legal & General Group plc, commonly known as Legal & General, is a British multinational financial services and wealth management company headquartered in London, England. Products and services include investment management, life mortgages (a form of share release), annuities, annuities and life insurance. From January 2020, following the sale of Legal & General Insurance to Allianz, Allianz will no longer offer non-life insurance.

[3] The firm operates in the UK and US, with investment management firms in the Gulf, Europe and Asia. [1] Legal & General America is the unified U.S. brand that includes the PRT and Insurance divisions, both of which underwrite business through Banner Life Insurance Company and William Penn Life Insurance Company of New York. Banner Life and William Penn work as twin engines of the Legal & General America machine, managing and delivering products and customer service at the highest level. Banner Life operates in 49 states, DC and Puerto Rico, while William Penn operates in New York. Legal & General was founded in June 1836 by Sergeant John Adams and five other lawyers in a café in Chancery Lane. [6] Originally called the New Law Life Assurance Society, the Society was limited to lawyers. The name was changed to Legal & General Life Assurance Society to reflect the fact that the policies were available to the general public, but ownership of the shares was limited to lawyers.

The group expanded into the UK and soon began acquiring foreign life insurance companies by buying a retirement business from the Metropolitan Life Assurance Company of New York in the 1930s. [6] Legal & General is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is part of the FTSE 100 Index. Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM), the asset management arm of L&G, is AUM`s 10th largest investment management firm in the world. [4] It is also the second largest institutional asset management company in Europe (after BlackRock). [5] As Chief of Staff, Rhodri is responsible for LGIM`s global strategy, products and marketing teams and, as a senior executive, is responsible for LGIM`s relationship with its lead client Legal & General Retirement. Rhodri joined LGIM in March 2016 after holding a number of senior product strategy and development roles at leading asset managers including M&G, BlackRock and Federated Hermes. Rhodri graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Social and Political Sciences. Rhodri serves on the board of RedSTART, a charity committed to training one million young people in personal finance by 2025. Prior to LGIM, Michael spent 28 years at BlackRock (and its predecessor companies), most recently as Regional Group Leader of Client Solutions. Previously, Michael founded and led a number of companies, including Aladdin`s fiduciary mandate business, risk management and enterprise tools business, and the transition management group.

Michael is a strong supporter of inclusion, a vocal ally and an executive sponsor of Legal & General`s LGBT network. He graduated from UMIST in 1987 with a degree in Management Science. At LGRA, we work with our clients to ensure a secure financial future for their members. We are always looking for new talent to join our team. The following section contains information about Legal & General Group Plc`s senior management, executives, CEO and key decision makers and their roles in the organisation. To find out more about the management and staff of Legal & General Group Plc, you can unlock all data with our business analytics monitoring tool. Legal & General Retirement America, or LGRA, is the Pension Risk Transfer (PRT) division of Legal & General America. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, the firm has successfully brought Legal & General`s global wealth management strength, longevity expertise and track record to the United States. Commenting on his new role, Mr.

Kail said: “It is a great privilege to lead such a successful global team in the Pension Risk Transfer (TRP) markets. Our parent company, Legal & General Group Plc, was founded in 1836 and is one of the world`s leading financial services companies. They have been in the PRT market for more than 30 years, completing more than 3,500 transactions worldwide, building a $101 billion global retirement portfolio and serving more than one million retirees each year. Legal & General Group has leveraged its expertise and long history to expand its reach globally. U.S. operations now include pension risk management, investment management and life insurance. Other executives include Jeff Davies (Group Chief Financial Officer), Michelle Scrimgeour (CEO of Legal & General Investment Management, the firm`s investment management arm) and Kerrigan Procter (CEO of the Group`s investment business). Together with Nigel Wilson, they form the board of directors of Legal & General. [41] Margaret has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry and has held senior risk positions with asset management firms such as M&G Investments and Schroders Investment Management. She has worked in the UK, Asia and Australia. Our management team has articulated a clear vision for LGIM: to create a better future through responsible investment. Michelle was appointed CEO of Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) in July 2019.

Michelle has spent her career with leading global corporations and has extensive wealth management experience in the areas of investments, distribution, products, operations and risk. In 2014, the company established Legal & General Reinsurance, a Bermuda-based reinsurance company. Legal & General Re completed its first external transaction on the Dutch market in December 2015 in cooperation with ASR. [27] In May 2016, Legal & General Assurance in the UK bought Aegon`s UK bond portfolio for £3 billion. [28] Members of the management team are responsible for their activities and pool their expertise to drive a coherent business strategy at LGIM. During his tenure at PwC as Head of Financial Services, he led the firm`s 6,000-strong team in asset and wealth management, banking, insurance and real estate. Earlier in his career, he worked in audit, strategy, regulatory and technology at PwC. Sonja Laud is Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM). She leads the firm`s investment team, which includes both trading operations and solutions, active fixed income, indices and active equities, fixed income and multi-asset companies. As Global Chief Operating Officer, Brenda is responsible for LGIM`s technology, operations, transformation and customer service teams and is appointed SMF 24 Chief Operating Officer.

Brenda joined LGIM in May 2020 and brings over 25 years of experience in global asset management. Prior to LGIM, Brenda had a 24-year career at BlackRock, where she worked in New York and London, where she was most recently Global Head of Customer Services, Chief Operating Officer EMEA and Chief Operating Officer of the Commercial Operations Division. Brenda has experience leading transformative change, improving customer experience and operational excellence across multiple customer markets and product lines. Previously, Sonja was Head of Equities at Fidelity International and responsible for the Global Portfolio Managers, Equities and UK, as well as the Chief Investment Officer team. She came from Barings, where she launched and managed global multi-asset portfolios. Prior to this appointment, Aaron was Head of Investments for LGIMA`s UK subsidiary, Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM), where he led all investment teams in the areas of solutions, indices, active fixed income, active equities and multiple assets. Aaron has served as Global Head of Solutions for LGIM and Head of U.S. Retirement Solutions for LGIMA, where he began his career with the company in 2010. Following the trend in the UK when financial institutions entered the real estate brokerage business, Legal & General bought Whitegates Estate Agency from Provident Financial Group plc for £19 million in December 1989.[8] [9] Jeff Davies has been Group Chief Financial Officer and Group Director since March 2017. He was a senior partner at Ernst & Young LLP. Previously, he held various senior actuarial positions at Swiss Re Life & Health.

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