Legal Advice Bristol Free

Legal Advice Bristol Free

There are 2 types of legal aid, for criminal and civil cases. If you have been arrested and questioned at a police station, you can find out about your right to free legal advice for GOV.UK – regardless of your income. If you wish to seek legal help for advice that is not related to a care procedure, please contact Resolution. Website: Email: You can ask the nearest Citizen Advice Centre if it has a list of lawyers who do not offer free or fixed profit, fees or advice. This page contains a list of lawyer referral services, free legal resources and legal aid agencies available to Bristol County residents. This information is provided as a public service and does not constitute legal advice that can only be given by a lawyer. This page refers to information at the time of publication and is subject to change without notice. We have a dedicated team of legal aid lawyers, many of whom are members of the Law Society`s Law Society`s legal committees for families and children. If your case goes to court or tribunal, you can get a pro bono lawyer to represent you through Advocate free of charge.

You can check if Advocate could help you on their website. If you need help paying for legal advice, you may be able to get legal help. Contact information for community resources, legal aid programs and social services. Below are recommendations for private lawyers or free resources available to the public: The following resources provide free legal support for employment and discrimination issues. Get advice on: dismissal; Redundancy; disciplinary matters and grievances; pay; discrimination based on age, race, sex, religion and disability; Employment contracts; Status; employment issues related to Covid-19; parental rights and work flexibility; work leave; and the support of the Labour Court. Free legal clinics run by the Avon & Bristol Law Centre with the support of lawyers who volunteer their time for people who need advice and cannot pay privately Some charities or volunteer lawyers may be able to help you if you can`t get legal help or pay for your own lawyer or lawyer. The following resources provide free legal assistance in a variety of areas. Get advice on: in-person litigants; community management issues; consumer issues; Universal Credit; Debt; mental health rights and protection; health care and social services; Energy; and management consulting for start-ups. Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) is a lawyer who represents or assists only part of a legal case. If you have joined an organization such as a trade union, they can offer you free legal assistance. Or you can get help with legal fees under another subscription, insurance policy, or credit card agreement. A free or scheduled appointment can help you learn about your rights and legal situation.

This is a good way to find out if it`s worth taking someone else to court or if you have a case worth defending. If you are not able to get legal aid, you are unlikely to receive help through „exceptional case funding.“ If you don`t have inclusive minutes, our toll-free number is 0330 024 0389 The following resources provide free legal assistance for asylum and immigration issues. Get advice on: understanding the asylum system and asylum status; applications for naturalisation, EUSS, establishment, visa and passport; asylum claims; immigration of children; refusal of asylum; and access to housing, education and health care. Your insurers may insist that you use their legal team. If you have your own lawyer, they can tell you if they can act for you under your insurance policy. The following resources offer free legal support for family matters. Get advice on: domestic violence and abuse; Childcare; Fuse; separation and divorce; Education; and go to court. Think about what other organizations you`ve joined might be able to help. For example: which ones? provides legal advice when you pay for a subscription. You can find out about what? Legal services on their website. The following resources provide free legal assistance for housing issues.

Get advice on: landlord-tenant disputes; Expulsion; Homeless; severe rot; rent arrears; retained deposits; housing-related services; and antisocial behaviour. You can search for a free legal aid clinic on the LawWorks website – it also has information about other organizations that may be able to help you. In cases involving care procedures, our lawyers can check whether you are eligible for legal aid. If you are eligible, we will register you for the initial amount of the allowance. Unions can sometimes offer free legal help, such as finding and paying for a lawyer – and not just for labour matters. The Lawyer of the Day program aims to provide free legal assistance to people in need. These volunteer lawyers can help fill out forms and explain basic court procedures. A schedule with dates and locations can be found on the homepage. You may be able to book a short appointment with a lawyer for free or at a fixed price. Other lawyers may work for you on a „no earnings, no fees“ basis. Check the insurance documents on your auto, home and other insurance policies to see if they are legally covered. Check if they cover your type of case and if they cover all your costs – most policies don`t pay for everything.

If your child has been the subject of an application for an emergency intervention order or a local authority order to remove him from your custody, you are entitled to free legal aid during this procedure. In addition, there are other limited procedures in which the local authority may be involved, such as applying for release from a care order or contact with a child in care, and public funds may be available, but this depends on funds. If your case is serious and you can`t afford your legal fees, legal aid can pay some or all of those costs. If you`ve joined a road car insurance organization, you may find that they offer cheap or free assistance, especially for legal issues with the car or accidents. Check or call your membership contract to see if they can help you. Court service centre staff can provide legal information, but not legal advice. Legal information includes answering questions about how the court works and the different options available to you. However, the staff can`t help you decide what to do, and they can`t predict what will happen in your case. Court Services Centre staff can provide information to all parties to a case and should not be considered your lawyer. You can seek advice from a lawyer or qualified legal advisor at a legal centre.

The legal centres deal with the following issues: If you would like to request appointments, please contact: Advice for citizens North Somerset Citizens Advice South Somerset During your free consultation, we will be happy to discuss your concerns about: The following resources provide free legal assistance regarding social benefits. Get advice on: calculating entitlement to benefits; challenge and appeal decisions relating to employment and support benefits and personal independence; and apply for disability benefits. You will also find a step-by-step guide to dealing with performance issues and a list of organizations that can also offer support.

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