Legal 500 Proskauer Rose

Legal 500 Proskauer Rose

“Ana Vermal has outstanding litigation, legal and management skills.” “The private equity practice at Proskauer Rose is different from all others in that it can be fully integrated into our structure to act almost as an extension of our team. You will have the opportunity to advise and work with our front office teams to determine the best course of action, while we work with our administrative, administrative and legal teams to advance the issue within our oversight framework. “I really enjoyed working with Alexandra Stocki for the following reasons: speed in understanding the problems, relevance of the questions, availability, respect for the obligation to answer, very pleasant relationship. He is not limited to providing legal advice, but offers solutions to support the company and protect the interests of the company, expertise in labour law and jurisprudence, project supervision, rigor in execution, accounting efforts, pragmatism, reinsurance, capacity work, sound advice. “Ben Davis is very commercial, knows how to prioritize, understands the business ins and outs of a transaction and can act on it from a legal perspective. It is always a pleasure to work with Ben. Proskauer`s London office provides local legal advice in the UK and US and has extensive experience in UK and EU market practices. The firm has a global reach, leverages its capabilities in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America as needed, and is particularly strong in complex cross-border transactions. “Dorothy Murray in particular is brilliant. It takes into account all points of view, including those that others would not perceive at all. But she is not a “kitchen sink” lawyer. After carefully weighing each option, she selects the strategies and then ruthlessly pursues the strategies most likely to bring success to the client.

“Proskauer has extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of employee benefits, executive compensation and retirement provision. They can be counted on as a law firm that provides practical, concise and immediately useful legal support and advice on the issues that arise. The team of lawyers we work with has a strong ability to quickly clarify complexities and explain them very effectively and efficiently. They are called upon as subject matter experts who can provide reliable advice and support at all times. “Ready-to-use, solution-oriented. Strong thinkers who are able to combine business goals with transaction structure. Very conscientious and hyper-focused on the underlying legal documentation to protect us as investors. Our relationship and engagement was completely virtual and distant. Did not interfere with our interaction and believes that we have very strong and consistent communication. I highly recommend the Proskauer management team. The firm: Proskauer employs more than 800 lawyers in 12 offices around the world.

We are strategically strengthening our core practices and industry offerings to ensure we continually innovate to meet the needs of the markets we serve. We focus on providing exceptional customer service. We work across borders with asset managers, private equity and venture capital firms, Fortune 500 and FTSE companies, major sports leagues, entertainment legends and other companies that define the industry. Proskauer`s Latin America practice integrates the firm`s New York headquarters with offices in São Paulo, London and Paris. The lawyers are intimately familiar with the business cultures, languages and legal landscapes of Latin America and offer their clients a personalized, creative and efficient service. Our team serves some of the region`s best-known companies, serving global and regional clients in industries critical to the region`s economic growth and development, including financial services, technology and telecommunications, energy and natural resources, life sciences, manufacturing and mining. and metals. Our quality, value and market position are confirmed by long-standing clients who continue to look to us to execute their most transformative transactions in the region.

“The Proskauer Rose team has extensive legal expertise in the private equity segment and can anticipate issues before they arise. They are experts in negotiation as they focus on reaching a deal. “Michael Ellis and the team radiate confidence, experience and calm. They are extremely good in times of crisis, providing practical business and legal advice, and diplomatic in their interactions with all parties. “In addition to the legal aspects, my contacts also take into account the business dimension.” “I have worked with Cameron Roper several times over the past few years. My team and I are always very impressed with the quality of his advice, the way he explains the legal points and the quick answers. The full ranking can be found here: “This team has excellent legal expertise in the broad area of corporate mergers and acquisitions, but has in-depth industry knowledge that is invaluable. They work extremely hard and take innovative approaches to solving complex problems.

They are able to leverage Proskauer Rose`s other practices, including regulatory and tax matters. “Ana Vermal is an excellent and trustworthy resource. It is absolutely exceptional. There really isn`t enough to say about their performance in the midst of demanding and complicated situations. It starts with their hard work ethic and ability to communicate with clients and understand the issues they face in great detail. Ana`s other assets are her knowledge of different cultures, languages (French, Spanish, German, English) and legal systems (she is admitted to the New York and Paris Bars).

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