Jude Law the Young Pope Netflix

Jude Law the Young Pope Netflix

A young cardinal, Lenny Belardo, becomes pope of the Catholic Church when the machinations of the main contenders for the post fail themselves. He took the name Pius XIII and questioned the established traditions and practices of the Vatican. He named Sister Marie, the nun who had raised him in an orphanage, as his chief counselor. Driven by his desire to confront his parents who abandoned him as a child, Belardo is leading the Church in a new conservative direction, causing disruption inside and outside the Vatican. Hd. Join Jude Law on the set of “The Young Pope” for this look at the HBO series about a young and brave new pope. The New Pope is a television series created by Paolo Sorrentino for Sky Atlantic, HBO and Canal+. It is a sequel to the 2016 series The Young Pope, which was originally announced as the second season. [1] The nine-part series stars Jude Law, who reprises his role as Pope Pius XIII, and John Malkovich as Pope John Paul III, the new pope of the same name. [2] It was co-produced by European production companies The Apartment, Wildside, Haut et Court TV and Mediapro. [3] Two-time Oscar nominee Jude Law stars in this 10-episode limited edition series about a radically new pope — the first American pope and the youngest ever elected by the College of Cardinals — leading the Church in an astonishing new direction.

Diane Keaton plays the lead role. The screenplay was written by Sorrentino, Stefano Rulli, Tony Grisoni and Umberto Contarello. [17] The cast, announced between July and August 2015, includes Jude Law as the young pope; Diane Keaton as Sister Mary; James Cromwell, Silvio Orlando, Scott Shepherd, Javier Cámara and Toni Bertorelli. It also includes Cécile de France, Ludivine Sagnier, Guy Boyd, André Gregory, Sebastian Roché, Marcello Romolo, Ignazio Oliva, Vladimir Bibic, Daniel Vivian and Nadie Kammalaweera. [18] [1] The main character is almost always seen only from the waist up to give the impression that he could go up. Sorrentino said he inherited this technique from Spike Lee. [19] Production of New Pope began in Italy at the end of 2018. [13] Filming took place in November 2018 at St.

Peter`s Basilica in Vatican City. Some scenes were shot in Milan in January and February 2019. [ref. needed] The production team also shot in Venice in January and April 2019. [14] [15] Most of the filming took place at Cinecittà in Rome. The team returned to Rome to play in St. Peter`s Square in March 2019. [16] Other scenes were shot in Abruzzo and on the Piave River. The opening sequence of the series with dancing nuns was filmed at the convent of San Giorgio in Venice.[17] [18] The official teaser for the series was released on August 28, 2019.

[5] The second trailer premiered on November 3, 2019. [24] The official full trailer was released on December 10, 2019. [25] On the American review aggregator Metacritic, it has a score of 68, indicating “generally positive reviews”. [32] The show also currently has a 79% positive rating from review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, which combines 76 reviews. [33] His “Critics` Consensus”: “The young pope`s original premise and elegant blend of exaggerated melodrama and profane comedy help overcome a sometimes convoluted plot.” The main recordings, which lasted seven months, began in August 2015 and took place mainly in the Cinecittà studios, where the interior of the Vatican was recreated. Exterior shots and garden scenes were made in a number of villas, including Villa Lante (Bagnaia), Villa Medici and Orto Botanico dell`Università di Roma “La Sapienza”, while some interior plans were also made at Palazzo Venezia. [15] [16] [19] Parts of the last episode were filmed in Piazza San Marco in Venice. [20] The Young Pope is a television series created and directed by Paolo Sorrentino for Sky Atlantic, HBO and Canal +. It stars Jude Law as the disruptive Pope Pius XIII and Diane Keaton as his confidante, Sister Mary, in an intriguing Vatican. [1] The series was co-produced by European production companies Wildside, Haut et Court TV and Mediapro. Zach Baylin and Kate Susman write and produce the show.

The Young Pope was originally designed as a limited edition and was marketed as such primarily in the United States. Later, however, the new pope followed, with Law returning and John Malkovich joining him. [4] Production in Italy started at the end of 2018. [5] Bateman, who won an Emmy for directing an episode of Ozark, will also lead this new project.

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