How Much Is Import Tax in Spain

How Much Is Import Tax in Spain

Hello, thank you for your excellent articles. I have a specific question and would appreciate your help. I live in Spain and I have NEVER and I start a small e-commerce business that will only sell fabric on the internet. Planning monthly imports from China and South Korea to Spain. Amount 500 – 1000 EUR. How do I calculate duties and taxes and what is the best way to proceed with this importation? I don`t have an EORI set yet, is this the best way to hire the ecommerce import company? Understand that with South Korea, it`s easier because it`s part of the free trade agreement. Please advise you. Thank you Natasha Hi, I want to import a small plastic filter box for my aquarium worth less than 150 euros plus 45 euros USPS shipping from USA to Spain. What would the taxes be if I didn`t pay them in advance? Usps says about 90 euros prepaid.

Yes, it is 21% VAT that you have to pay when you import an electronic product Hello Manuel – thanks for the very informative article. I have to pay 500 euros import duties and VAT for personal belongings belonging to my daughter. Her ex-boyfriend accidentally took her to the United States when he moved for work and sent her back to Spain. These are mainly textbooks and photographs, but since she cannot prove her possession, we have to pay import duties. Can I claim this obligation? Please recommend the best courier to import goods from Japan to Barcelona. I also want help with my DUA – it turns out to be more complicated than expected. Can I contact someone directly? Hello, I am showing a collection to Momad Madrid and I had a question about importing samples. We take samples of dresses at customs in our checked baggage.

What experiences have you had with this process? Are there specific documents that are required or prerequisite documents that need to be arranged or paid for? Any additional help you have will be greatly appreciated. 1. You have to pay 21% VAT and there are no customs duties because the FTA is applied (Free Trade Agreement) The European Union Customs Union (EUCU) consists of the 28 Member States of the European Union and Turkey`s neighbouring countries or microstates. 2. Yes, you need to get an EORI, SPainbox can help you get your own EORI to allow import into Europe, if you need more information about the required documents, let me know. I want to receive clothes from Pakistan, such as shirts and pants, how much can be coustom for import into Spain from 200 €, We have a customer who resides in Spain and he now imports his goods (personal items and used household items) from the United States to Spain. He is a Canadian citizen. He is told that he must pay duties and taxes on all items. Since 2008 he has owned his house in Spain. Is the information given to him correct? Regarding the EORI, you need to contact the tax office to register as an e-commerce or business, taxes on clothing are 21% import taxes usually around 12%, so it depends. But you have to be very careful about what you import, there are customs checks for clothing just to make sure you don`t violate copyright laws or use trademarks without permission. I am an American in Spain with my three-month tourist visa.

I`m here right now, but colder than expected, I would 😉 ask my parents to send me some of my long-sleeved shirts in a grooming bag, maybe along with other items from home. Do I have to pay import taxes for items I bring with me, which are also taken with me when I return? I want to buy a used DSLR in Germany that costs 550 GBP how much tax, duty is levied on it. Currently, I am staying in Spain, but I do not have Spanish nationality. Sorry, I made a small digression, but I think it`s important to know this information before embarking on this journey, pardon the pun! Now let`s go back to the main topic of this article – the tax on the import of cars in Spain. I thought it would be easier to use the NIE number to speed up the customs/import process and get my item more efficiently instead of giving a full scan of my passport (as I prefer not to have a random person in DHL who has access to all my personal data and information). Hi Manuel had your advice to put my question in the box,,. What is the customs tariff for VAT, taxes and all other charges that apply to dried fruits imported from Turkey and the Palestinian territories? Quantity greater than 300kg as an example. Thank you Depends. If you are registered in the Spanish tax system, you will have no problem importing with your NIE or NIF. If you are not registered in the Spanish tax system, customs will register your NIE in the system and you can receive your packages by paying the customs fees for that particular import.

I will soon be moving to Spain and plan to import unbranded women`s shoes from China worth $500-700. Do I only have to pay VAT or is there something else I need to take care of? I want to import a disabled scooter for personal use from a company in China to Spain. The total cost, including shipping, is $680. Can you please tell me what the duties and VAT will be? Marianne If you are a seller outside Europe and want to sell your products in Spain, you should read our article to know the procedure of importing to Spain for non-European companies and how to obtain your EORI, file your tax returns and deduct your import tax in Spain or Europe. I am struggling to find a complete list of duties payable on imports from outside the EU (in my specific case – sportswear/synthetics, from mainland China). The tributaries website is pretty messy, at least for me. As for other rates and costs – thanks for the exact summary above. Thank you.

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