Funniest Laws in Canada

Funniest Laws in Canada

If you are a resident of Alberta, it is actually illegal for you to have a rat as a pet. According to the province of Alberta, several laws have been in place in Alberta since the 1950s to keep their province free of rodents. Believe it or not, these are real laws that are still in place in the Great White North. However, as the Huffington Post reveals, many of these laws will change as Canadian law is updated in the coming months. So check before they`re gone, just to be sure. While the majority of these laws may seem quite unusual, it`s important to note that many of these laws existed decades ago for specific reasons that no longer play a role in today`s society. As Canada constantly changes laws to make us a more progressive and understanding society, it seems that some outdated laws have fallen through the cracks. While many laws are often passed across Canada to ensure the safety and health of the country`s population, some laws are not as harmful as others. In fact, some Canadian laws may even seem a little unusual when it comes to modern times. We did some research and found 10 crazy Canadian laws that you probably didn`t know about. While not all of these laws apply across Canada, you should still be aware, especially if you`re planning a trip with your rat, snake, or llama, if your pockets are filled with coins, and if you want to host a 3-day sale before you leave. Before your luxury vacation in Canada, take a look at 10 of the strangest ancient and existing laws.

Bizarre laws range from the illegal use of a dog sled on a sidewalk to possible imprisonment for scaring the Queen! To change from my usual articles on serious legal topics, this article deals with the craziest, strangest and most unusual laws in Canada. All of the crazy Canadian laws on this list were in effect across Canada at one point. 19. It`s a bear, it`s a moose. he`s a Sasquatch! Perhaps one of The Weirdest Laws in Canada says that if you see the big guy in all his hair in British Columbia, don`t shoot! Just run and hide. If you kill the gentle giant, you could be arrested. Despite the fun we feel when we read these laws, they can actually be enforced if someone goes to the police to complain about your noisy parrot or purple garage door! However, Canada`s laws on the things that matter are actually excellent. In fact, Canada is one of the safest countries in the world, so you don`t have to worry if you plan to live or study in Canada. All you have to do is determine what you want to study, what university you will be studying at, and what student accommodation in Canada you will be staying in. In Halifax, Nova Scotia, taxi drivers are not allowed to wear t-shirts. No. 24 of the Halifax Regional Municipalities Statutes on Taxis and Limousines states that drivers must be dressed in a clean and orderly manner at all times; They must wear shoes and socks, wear their clothes and are absolutely not allowed to wear a T-shirt.

Poor taxi drivers probably struggle in the summer! That`s it, dear Northerners. 20 bizarre Canadian laws that are almost too weird to believe. We may or may not have broken some of these rules, but it is neither here nor there. We are innocent until proven guilty, aren`t we?! Students who go to Canada to study are more likely to research the country`s rules and regulations. After all, it`s easy to fall victim to a traffic law you don`t know, pay a fine or two, or get reprimanded by a police officer. However, it is amusing to come across old laws that still apply to normal prohibited practices or supposedly illegal natural events. Laws and regulations are compiled to maintain order in society and protect people. However, the following laws will make you wonder about the reason and history behind it.

Here are some of the strangest laws and regulations in Canada. If you live in Alberta, you can`t keep a rat as a pet. Since the 1950s, several laws have been passed in Alberta prohibiting the keeping of rodents. Article 296 of the Penal Code provides: “Anyone who makes blasphemous defamatory remarks shall be guilty of a criminal offence and shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.” Somehow, this law had managed to survive until 2018, when it was finally repealed. The blasphemy laws contradicted their intent and the idea of secularism – the separation of church and religion from the state and the laws that govern people. The law was also incompatible with the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The last person charged was a winner of the Anglican Church of Canada who mocked the Roman Catholic Church. And that was in 1935.

The United States has its own immigration laws and to enter the country from Canada, you will need to apply for a visa or ESTA, as your Canadian papers do not cover you. To find out what type of visa you need to enter the United States, click here. One of the city`s ordinances states: “No one may disturb a tree or part of a tree that is on municipal property, including, but not limited to, tying, tying or attaching objects or things to a tree or part of a tree and climbing the tree.” *Note: Most of these laws no longer exist or are (obviously) no longer practiced. While not all of these laws apply across Canada, it`s always a good idea to keep in mind, especially if you`re traveling with your house rat, snake, and llama, only carrying coins, and have a 3-day flea market before you leave. Did you know that dragging a dead horse on Yonge Street in Toronto is illegal (but only on Sundays!), or that a city in Prince Edward Island has made it illegal to build a snowman over two and a half feet tall? Both are true, and these are just some of the weirdest and craziest laws in Canada – because hey, you could break the law without knowing it! Canada is home to so many incredible places, attractions, cities, national parks and people. But you may not know that the country is also home to bizarre laws. oh, Canada. We love you, but we don`t always agree. Despite our occasional disagreements, we always respect you. Even if we don`t understand why, how or when you decide to do some of the things you do, we wouldn`t have done it otherwise. Thanks to your creativity (?), we can create such lists with ease.

In honour of Canada`s upcoming birthday, here are some “snapshots” at a time when public servants were perhaps taking themselves too seriously? We`re going to give you 20 bizarre Canadian laws that we can`t believe ever existed. If you want to spice up your home a bit by painting your garage door in a new color, stay away from purple. 9. In Fort Qu`Appelle, Saskatchewan, walking with an open shoelace can get you in serious trouble, but only if you`re a teenager for some reason. Alberta`s Agricultural Pets Act prohibits the possession or introduction of a domestic rat into the province. 12. Have you ever frozen and jumped in the middle of a Toonie? Do you write a phone number on a $5 bill? Keep it to yourself.

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