Terms of service

In the following information provided by the website’s owner Terms of service is going to be substituted by the abbriviation TOS.

ATTENTION! Please carefully read the terms of service. Using the website system states that you are fully aware of the website’s TOS. In case you do not agree with any of the website’s TOS statements, please discontinue using it.

Any client who uses this website must comply with the TOS. Every time you click a hyperlink or a button on the website www.power-beauty.com you are agreeing with the TOS and you agree to fully comply with the statements made below /Exception: This webpage: Terms of service/

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“Milev Consult” Ltd.
Bulgaria, city Sofia, nbhd. “Mladost” №1, apt. building 89, ent. 13, apt. 226
0899 348737

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Terms of service

Every product on www.power-beauty.com is a dietary supplement not a medical product and therefore should be used as such. The owners of the website do not take any responsibility in case products are being used to treat diseases or anything related.
Every visitor/user can browse the site, the publications and the products on it. Additionally, anyone can make an order through the website.
Any sort of copying and publishing on any other websites (including uploading hyperlinks), public spread, altering or using of any of the materials on the website is strictly forbidden and will be treated as plagiarism. An exception can be made in case there is a written form signed by the owners and the party that is going to use the materials.
POWER&beauty does not take responsibility in case there is inaccuracy in any of the materials that are being made public by www.power-beauty.com as there might be minor mistakes although our best intentions to avoid them.
POWER&beauty is not going to require any confidential information from its clients. Any information provided is going to be considered non-confidential and is going to be treated as such.
Information provided from the users is strictly used to improve our services and is provided completely voluntarily. POWER&beauty is not going to provide your information to third parties in any way.
POWER&beauty does not take responsibility for any publications by users on the website. POWER&beauty has the right to delete any harmful publications contradicting the TOS.
Prices of the products in www.power-beauty.com are in BGN and include taxes. Any discounts are going to be made public through a post or a banner on the website including the old and new prices.
Once a delivery is completed the client must pay the full price of the order to the courier. The client has the right to return the product in a week time after receiving it only in case that the product have not been used or the box opened. If such a case occurs we are going to refund the cost. Any transportation fees are to be covered by the client except for cases in which there has been a mistake on the website. After the forementioned 7 days the deposit is considered a payment and will not be returned.
POWER&beauty has the right to change prices on the website at any point.
POWER&beauty has the right to decline any orders and accordingly increase the delivery time to its convenience.