Loyal client

POWER&beauty launches it’s very own “Loyal client” service

Every client of ours who have made a single purchase of 150 leva or more is obligated to get a discount card which charges with every future purchase. Furthermore, users that have a registration on our website www.power-beauty.com get additional discount of 7%.

Once any of the stated below milestones have been reached the client would receive an increase in the discount percentage:

  1. Getting a card providing a discount of 7%
  2. First increase to 10% once a sum of over 350 BGN is recorded on the discount card
  3. Second increase to 12% once a sum of over 500 BGN is recorded on the discount card

The discount card can be used in every of the company’s stores in Bulgaria including our online store at www.power-beauty.com Clients who make purchases using the discount card are obligated to receive further gifts and bonuses.

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