Definition of Document in Legal Terms

Definition of Document in Legal Terms

An ancient document is a writing that the court supposes, because of its antiquity, to be authentic, because it comes from a reliable source, where it would logically be found, and because it has been carefully preserved. Instrument on which the material is recorded by means of letters, illustrations or trademarks, which can be used conclusively. In this sense, the term “document” refers to writings; on printed, lithographed or photographed words; seals, slabs or stones on which inscriptions are cut or engraved; photos and images; maps and plans. The inscription can be on stone or precious stones or on wood, as well as on paper or parchment. 1. Whart Ev. The survey must also meet the requirements of legal document MSHDA 026. The supplier applying for a replacement must make a copy of the petition to the following address:i) The program office that initiated the Agency`s disputed action. (ii) The Office of the Advocate General of the Department. (3) Legal document. n.

the right to examine and copy the counterparty`s documents in a dispute relevant to the case. A claim (legal request) can be made, but the categories of documents must be specified so that the other party can know what they need to provide. If the opposition refuses to present certain documents or appears to hold back, the party who wants to see the documents can file a “request for surrender” in which they demand a court order and a penalty (penalties) for non-compliance with the request. A party may also use a subpena duces tecum to obtain certain documents if they are known to exist. All of these procedures are part of the discovery process, which aims to provide both parties with detailed information before the process. Such an exchange of documents can lead to an agreement, minimize surprises in the trial, and prevent one party from hiding documents, thus preventing the other party from presenting relevant documents to the court. However, many law firms are known to obscure, delay, pretend, misunderstand and fail to respond to requests. Legal documents and documents bearing an original signature, such as contracts or original stamps such as construction plans, with the exception of original letters received by the Council or internal notes from the Council, must not be destroyed, even if they are scanned. This legal document issued between the Bank and the Bidder is governed by the laws of India. n. a generic word popular among lawyers for any written work. Technically, it could contain a piece of wood with a will or a message scratched on it.

(See: documentary evidence) A private document is any instrument executed by an individual. A public document is a document that is or should be legally accessible to the public as a document issued by Congress or a government agency for public review. The “Surveyor`s Certificate” (Legal Document 025) must be signed, sealed and submitted to the MSHDA as a prerequisite to the initial closing. And since there is a form of protection that a legal document provides, the strength of a relationship between the two parties on both sides of the legal document is significantly enhanced and strengthened. That`s because both know they can rely on the legal document to protect them – which helps prevent violations of the document in the first place. Given the help that a legal document can provide to both parties, it is important from the outset to make it as good as possible and ensure excellent storage after its completion. This is where Contractbook can help. Our software supports the effective and efficient management of legal documents by providing countless legal document templates from which you can work for your own legal requirements. A legal document that handles the formal change of ownership of an object from one person or organization to another. However, there are many other forms of documents that people will call legal. Such examples will be a contract, will, deed, trust and business agreement.

Documenting a fact or event means recording or commenting on it, i.e. putting it in a relatively permanent form so that it can be retrieved later. Document is both a noun and a verb. A document is a written instrument. Historically, a document was a piece of paper containing information, but the definition of the term has since expanded to cover information stored on any medium, both physical and electronic. This is not to say that only legal documents have a legal status.

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