Courses and Their O Level Requirement

Courses and Their O Level Requirement

You will not be considered for public administration as your combination of JAMB subjects is a major player in the course you are applying for. If this is false, you cannot be considered for the course, even if your O`Level topic combination is correct. As we have explained many times on this site, many applicants lose every year, mainly because they do not know the admission procedures of Nigerian universities. Today we want to look in detail at the requirements of level O for the admission of candidates who wish to be admitted to science courses. And as usual, we recommend that you pay attention to this important information before proceeding with your registration for the JAMB UTME 2023/2024 exam. [By the way, you can click on >>This link<< for detailed registration instructions and guidelines for the JAMB CBT 2023/2024 exam]. I wrote eng, math, crk, gov in jamb and I get a score of 210. And my Olevel is mathematics c5, eng c6, civic edu b3, yoruba c5, crk c6, gov c6. OOU is my first Chioce for political science. Am I ready to go or which course can I choose? Pls I need your help. I have credits in all other subjects except passed (d) in mathematics and physics at Olevel I can use it when enrolling in a course per time Can I use this O`Level result to get admission to one of the Nigerian universities. English c4, Mathematics c5, Civic edu c4, agric c5, crs c5, govt d7, econs d7, Account c4, Trade C5.

The minimum requirement for entry to the university, polytechnic or teacher training university is at least five (5) credits in the relevant subjects. Subjects must include the English language and four (4) other subjects. Check after another course in education and see their subject combinations if they match To be competitive for admission, first-semester applicants must take certain high school courses or be on the right track. (Yes, dual-credit courses taken during the high school account.) The O`Level subject combination is the list of subjects that you must have a credit pass in your WAEC or NECO score to study a particular course at a higher institution. Not only that, you will see, just below each course, the required O`Level/SSCE topic and the combination of topics, in UTME you have to write for the course. Please what are the O`levels requirements to study special education at obafemi awolowo University. And JAMB themes. There`s actually nothing you can do except that you`re looking for a school whose post-UTME form is still on sale. Again, I can see that you have not done a calculation, which is a mandatory requirement for admission. Admission is therefore not possible, as it stands. Gud Tag Sir, please my dream course is pschology, but I didn`t write economics in my O.univesities level score I was looking for economics, I don`t know what to do, maybe there are other options for me. Pls, I have studied early childhood education at the NCE level with credit, but I have D7 in my mathematics at SSCE, I can still study education management as a part-time course If you propose to change the institution/course in favor of the university, it is advisable to check the professional requirements required for each of the courses (SSCE and UTME) before you decide.

Tomorrow sir, I got 200 in jamb and my five subjects of level o credit mathematics b3 eng c5 chemistry b3 physics b3 what other subject I can do for the chemical engr under the five civic subjects a1 agric c6 breeding b3 economy c4 biology d7 As for the form, you have to get it from their portal. I have chemistry through biology in my o Level Sir, is there a solution for this, if you already know the title of the course you are interested in, please use the search field below to search for your course, then click on the link that represents your course to access the list of institutions, which offer the course, required UTME subjects, direct entry requirements and O`Level requirements. Hello please can I get the topic requirements for cybersecurity. JAMB Subject Combinations » If you are considering admission to Nigerian universities, you need to decide which JAMB subjects and courses are right for you. Below is the list of Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) subjects and combinations approved for admission to Nigerian higher education institutions for UTME and direct entry applicants to assist you. Note: You must credit the required courses in up to two sessions. This implies that you cannot combine more than two O`Level results. Note, however, that medical science schools in some federal schools, such as UNN, do not allow a combination of results. They insist that you need to get your results in one sitting. Check: O`level Admission requirements for students in arts, business and social sciences There are other courses listed. If none of your topic combinations match, there`s nothing that can be done except to select psychology or write another WAEC. Each of the courses at the higher education institution has its own combination of subjects to admit.

If you do not choose a course with the right combination of subjects, you will lose your admission. The aviation school has a variety of courses. I will send you a link to check the available courses, their admission requirements and tuition fees for the course. Check out the following link: below are jamb material combinations and O level material combinations (i.e. WAEC or NECO subject combination, etc.) for most courses offered at Nigerian universities. I wrote up close, math, economics, government and got 218.. And my o`level result is eng c6, mathematics c5, economics c4, acc b2, gov b3. oou is my first choice for business administration.

Can I receive admission to students who do not complete the required courses, may be asked to submit additional information, or may need to take courses related to their disability before enrolling at the university. What your subjects lack is mathematics, so you can have a wider range of courses to choose from. Pls I would like to change my course from linguistics and African language to foreign language in the pls of the OAU, what are the requirements that I achieved in 210 in my jamb O`Level requirements for the admission of science students. These are the admission requirements for students to the Faculty of Natural Sciences. O-level requirement for science courses. See compulsory subjects for students in the natural sciences. WAEC subjects for O`Level Natural Sciences students. Don`t make mistakes about WAEC subjects for science students. In the article above, I have already described in detail the topics required for each course. Stop asking the wrong questions.

This is what the university wants for its courses. Please, the economy is also in the Olevel for computer science like any other scientific subject pls Sir.. Can I study civil engineering with this level? Mathematics B3, Eng-C4, Phy C6, Chem-B3 and Civil Monument C4 to Ado Poly???? If you attend a public high school in Texas and believe you are eligible for automatic admission, you must submit a transcript indicating that you are seeking or have achieved the level of outstanding achievement under the Foundation High School program (basic Foundation High School program if not eligible for automatic admissions) as defined in the state`s uniform admission policy. In fact, choosing the right subjects is the first step to entering a university. Your choice of institution and course also depends on your O`Level subjects. All applicants, regardless of the programme of study they have chosen, must be credited to the corresponding WAEC/NECO/NABTEB/Teachers` Grade II examination in five relevant subjects. I reached 210 points in JAMB and in my o`level I note English B2, mathematics B3, physics B2, chemistry B2 and biology B3.

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