Concepto De Que Son Los Documentos Legales

Concepto De Que Son Los Documentos Legales

Licences are the types of administrative documents that allow the holder to perform a particular activity for a certain period of time; That is, a license is a document that allows you to do something legally. They shall be issued by the competent authority and shall authorise the holder to carry out a specific activity, trade or work after complying with a set of requirements and tests. Driver`s licenses are emblematic examples of this type of legal document. The fundamental purpose of legal documents is to record and communicate actions or facts formally and according to the postulates of the applicable regulations. Usually, these types of documents confer or guarantee a certain right or serve to create obligations in relation to contractual relations. There are several types of legal documents that all people have or need to sign at some point in their lives. However, there is a list of documents that you will probably have to sign at some point. Another problem that should be mentioned is that most administrative and legal documents deal with certain terms specific to each activity, scope or dependency. Knowing them is important to be able to produce them correctly and validly. The purpose of the electoral certificate or letter of credence is to enable and certify the right of citizens to vote. Given the importance of voting in democratic societies, this certificate is one of the legal documents that may be required of you in various situations.

Essentially, the digitization of the management of legal documents makes it possible to centralize them. Thus, executives and executives can easily access and use them when needed, which promotes much faster and more accurate decision-making. Suabogado (2021) What are legal documents? Excerpt from: administrative documents have two main purposes: judgments rendered by judges in the context of the settlement of disputes between the parties can be included in the list of types of legal and judicial documents. Among other special elements, the judgment includes the identification of the parties and the decision of the judge, which is fully justified in accordance with the law and what was affirmed by the parties during the trial. Declaratory judgments recognize the existence of a right of one party to another and constitute a public instrument having a character of legal truth allowing the exercise and exercise of this recognized right. From the legal transaction that people celebrate every day, various types of administrative and legal documents emerge that support the relationships and obligations that flow from them. But what are legal or administrative documents used for? One of the most important aspects of documenting legal facts, acts and procedures is therefore the possibility of proving the rights and obligations of the parties concerned. So, what are the most common legal documents? What are the types of legal documents and their main characteristics? This type of document certifies in writing the procedure carried out as defined in the administrative documents. This type of document serves as protection for the parties to an obligation that implies legal conditions. Among the examples of administrative documents of ownership, the register of motor vehicles is one of the most important. The title deed of a vehicle is a legal document by which the data of a vehicle and those of its owner are certified, indicating the address, first name and surname.

It is issued by the Vehicle Ownership Registry Authority, the Ministry of Land Transport or the office responsible for the transit and registration of vehicles. In addition to defining legal documents, the following sections provide you with a lot of information about their use, examples and much more! In any case, the different types of legal documents and the types of administrative documents serve to give credibility to the identity of persons, the nature of the legal acts concluded or to establish mutual rights and obligations. Hence the importance of its production and existence to ensure the fulfillment of the duties and rights of individuals. A legal document is any medium or title, a graphic that proves the existence of a fact, the accuracy or veracity of a statement, and that has the value of evidence. Documents are often synonymous with protocols, letters or writings. To give validity to the document, you need the autograph signature of the person issuing it and give the certificate to the documents. As you can see, it is possible to optimize the management of these documents by taking simple measures, such as: therefore, they offer the people involved a guarantee, backup, security that will never give the non-legal documents. Hello Carlos, first of all thank you for contacting us. I am telling you that our website is an informative blog on legal issues, but we do not offer legal advice. I recommend that you seek the help of a lawyer in your area, as each country has its own special formalities in this type of procedure. Official documents are legal documents issued by an official authorized to certify the celebration of an act, fact or the accuracy of the identity of the persons acting in the act performed.

Official documents can come from registrars, courts or government agencies. Among the parts of an administrative document such as an official protocol, it is necessary to indicate the date, place, personal data of the participants and the act or fact certified in the register. The ID is one of the most common types of legal documents used on a daily basis. This is a certificate issued by the competent authority for the registration of persons, which may be the Ministry of the Interior, the civil registry office or the migration offices. The document is used to prove the identity, nationality and personal data of citizens; that usually have a unique number that distinguishes them. The proper functioning and continuity of a company`s activities in the market are directly linked to the quality of its legal documents. Wills, such as gifts, can be classified into the types of legal documents that allow property to be moved. These are legal documents that people use to determine the parameters and conditions of their last will in relation to the distribution of their estate.

The document must contain the testator`s signature, which sets out the specifications for the persons, distribution and manner of valuation of their property after their death. Wills are therefore a good example of what a translatative legal document of the field is. Another type of legal document is that of contracts. These are usually written documents in which the parties define mutual rights and obligations. There are different types of contracts, between which a distinction is made between private, individual and public contracts in which one of the parties belongs to the State. Title deeds are among the most common types of administrative and legal documents. These are documents that prove the dominance of a person or group of them over a particular thing, whether movable or immovable property. The document describes in detail the property with its main features that allow to individualize it, borders, series, models, according to one. Contracts shall indicate the identity of the contracting parties, the object and cause of the contract; as well as details of the individual benefits owed by the parties to each other.

A major use of legal documents such as written contracts is the authority that one of the parties has to request the performance of the mandatory service if the other party does not comply with the agreement.

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