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Business law versus dinner: Representative start-upsWednesday, October 12This dinner focuses on the representation of start-ups. There will be three lawyers specialized in this field, as well as several students interested in the field. Business Law Snapshots: Antitrust LawFriday, October 21 from 12-1 in room 101Like you learn more about antitrust law, even if you haven`t had a chance to take a course on this topic yet? This event is part of our Snapshots series, which are one-hour presentations that give insight into a specific area of business law so you can get started with that summer job or career. In this instant session, Dean Osenga will discuss the fundamentals of antitrust law. If you haven`t had a chance to take antitrust law, or if you`ve taken it but want a reminder, come learn with Dean Osenga. Lunch is served. Entmystifying careers in business lawThursday, October 13 at 5 p.m. in room 102Does a career in business law sound vaguely interesting, but you`re not quite sure what it`s all about? In this unique event at the Faculty of Law, the Richmond Law & Business Forum will demystify career opportunities in business law. We will introduce students to different types of business law careers and then give participants the opportunity to talk to other students who have worked in business law practices during the summer. We will conclude with a catering reception that will allow students curious about business law to talk to each other informally. Business Law During a Dinner: Government and Internal InvestigationsThursday, October 27This dinner focuses on representing companies in government and internal investigations. There will be two lawyers specializing in this field, as well as several students interested in this field.

In October, the Richmond Law & Business Forum will publish several articles on the courses offered during the next semester related to business law. This article discusses the intern day school program. During the forum, one of the speakers will be Andriy Olenyuk, everlegal partner. Andriy will highlight the main aspects of „on-demand contracts – pros and cons“, namely: For law firms and legal departments in the digital age, a versatile and sustainable client journey is a key lever for success. From ingestion to billing, customer service is increasingly perceived through a constellation of experiences – personal and virtual – influenced by technology, 24/7 connectivity and challenging social forces. This opening session is based on a simple but nuanced premise: what does exemplary customer service really look like in an increasingly competitive and weak market? How confident are industry leaders about accepting the economy of modern experience in this profession? Is the modern model of legal service delivery quite sufficient or does it require a proverbial vote? Our prestigious panel of industry leaders should discuss this. The forum provides the latest information on industry trends and provides concrete strategies to address major challenges. Speakers include business leaders and business leaders and nationally renowned business leaders. The focus is on opportunities – for you and for your clients – and how to maximise the potential of today`s real estate market.

As the global business community continues to analyze hybrid work arrangements and return-to-the-office plans, the importance of technology in the modern workplace has never been greater. Savvy companies are investing heavily in their technology resources and capabilities, with pioneers focusing on an increasingly digitized customer journey based on profitability, accessibility and inclusivity. RSM`s goal is to bring the power of understanding to our clients, colleagues and communities through world-class audit, tax and advisory services focused on mid-sized companies. The clients we serve are the engine of global trade and economic growth, and we focus on developing leading professionals and services to meet their ever-changing needs in today`s ever-changing business environment. According to some estimates, the introduction of Web 3.0 („Web3“) is expected to generate GDP growth of $1.76 trillion over the next decade – a significant figure for the legal profession. As many in the industry know, the demand for advice from legal clients on a variety of Web3 technologies – cryptocurrencies, NFT and DAO – has led to a flood of new specialized business areas and a lucrative stream of work in mature and emerging markets. Blockchain, which is known to be the most important new technology since the Internet, has clearly become an influential element in the global public square. And with blockchain-based Web 3.0 gaining momentum, savvy legal service providers are acting quickly to bolster the bank`s strength and enter the wild desert of the metaverse. This presentation provides an important and comprehensive overview of the opportunities and rewards surrounding this latest technological innovation. Where and how can legal service providers claim such fertile ground? This month, we are publishing several articles on the courses offered for the next semester related to business law.

In this article, we asked Professor Daniel Schaffa to discuss his corporate finance course. This is the one-day event that real estate professionals can`t miss! For more than a decade, the USC Gould School of Law Real Estate Law and Business Forum has been the most visited legal and business conference in the region. The programming is designed to appeal to both professionals and business people in the real estate space. As COVID-19 drives a sea change to digital strategies and online marketing, examining content planning and the existing marketing technology stack („martech“) is a valuable exercise. Whether it`s through personalized interactive web portals, dynamic mobile apps, virtual webinars and 3D conferences, or crm integration and email marketing, the tools legal service providers use to develop and deliver strategic content are constantly evolving. This session provides an in-depth look at modern content creation and technology platforms in the industry. How do law firms and corporate legal departments (re)assess how clients consume and access information? Where and how could martech – or knowledge management – be redesigned to meet customer needs and better support employees? Structura Strategy Group LLC is a marketing consulting firm that helps law firms optimize marketing, business development and operations by providing strategy, plans and implementation oversight to effectively get from where they are to where they want to grow. Andriy focuses his practice on banking, financial and commercial matters.

He is also involved in corporate projects and mergers and acquisitions. Andriy has more than 10 years of legal experience with leading international law firms in Ukraine. Prior to founding Everlegal, Andriy was a senior partner at Clifford Chance, where he worked in the firm`s offices in New York, London and Kiev. This month, we are publishing several articles on the courses offered for the next semester related to business law. In this article, we asked Associate Professor Steven Haas to discuss his course on mergers and acquisitions. Professor Haas is co-head of the Mergers & Acquisitions team at Hunton Andrews & Kurth. Business Law at Dinner: White-Collar CrimeWednesday, November 2This dinner focuses on a practice of white-collar crime. There will be three lawyers specialized in this field, as well as several students interested in the field. Work-life balance in business lawMonday, November 7 from 12:00 to 13:00 in room 101Is it possible to have a successful career in business law as well as a flourishing private life? During this roundtable, co-sponsored by Richmond Women`s Law and the Richmond Law & Business Forum, four women lawyers working in business law will discuss their efforts to achieve work-life balance in their careers.

We discuss challenges and opportunities as well as strategies to align your professional and personal goals. Lunch is served. Created in 1797 by an Act of the Legislative Assembly, the Law Society of Ontario regulates Ontario`s lawyers and paralegals in the public interest by ensuring that the people of Ontario are served by lawyers and paralegals who meet high standards of learning, competence and professional conduct. Introductory eventTuesday 13. From September 12 to 1, Professor Jessica Erickson, from Room 101, will present the Richmond Law & Business Forum, describing this year`s events and explaining how students can participate. Lunch will be served on the terrace before after the event so that students interested in business law can meet. Twitter v. Elon MuskMonday, Sept. 26 from 12:00 p.m. to room 101In a few weeks, Twitter and Elon Musk will argue in a Delaware courtroom over Musk`s efforts to walk away from his offer to buy Twitter. In this event with Professors Da Lin and Steven Haas, we`ll dive into this legal battle and discuss why Musk no longer wants to buy Twitter, the legal issues at stake, and what to expect in the lawsuit. Lunch is served.

Discover Southern California`s most valuable and visited real estate and business law conference. Get the latest industry trends, explore real-world strategies to address key challenges, and interact face-to-face with nationally renowned industry experts. In a budget-friendly downtown, strategic account management is an effective tool for corporate legal departments and law firms to demonstrate value, partnership and growth. With improved data analytics and increasingly sophisticated technologies, legal service providers are able to strategically improve client relationships through proactive and effective means. What do legal service providers do well – or ultimately lack – in their approach to current account management? What resources can lead to more informed and productive interaction with key customers? How does the latest wave of data analytics capabilities help vendors align with broader business goals or priorities? No customer journey is complete without the ability to give feedback on your overall experience.

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