Booklet Definition Sentence

Booklet Definition Sentence

(173) The brochure contains information about the project in a pre-digested form and explains things in a simple and non-technical way. (21) Are you done with our mortgage portfolio? (188) And another thing most people here say in reviews, there is no instruction manual or anything to set up the remote! (204) You can say that many other exhibitors are old hands because they managed to throw away their mega-complex presentation stands in the same amount of time I needed to find the instruction manual. (191) Here, at the heart of the booklet that we received from the hand of a female figure representing the Church, we have in the bud the message of the shepherd. His twenty-two-page booklet, which was unsellable in its time, is now worth much more than its weight in gold. (34) This brochure is limited to no-frills facts. (194) Written by an ever-changing team of authors, Perry Rhodan is published weekly in the traditional German LRB Pulp Booklet RRB format. (197) As long as you could see the item number, you could search for it in the brochure and examine it on the back of the case, away from the quantity press. (183) From September, restaurants, bars, taverns and various drinking establishments will be offered a four-hour course and a brochure. (142) The disappearance of mangroves will also lead to the loss of this precious indigenous wisdom, the brochure says. (36) I sit at a stream with a booklet in my hand. These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “brochure”. The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

Send us your feedback. (210) –De virginibus velandis, De corona militis, De fuga in persecutione, De exhortatione castitatis, De scorpiace (booklet against the Gnostics, which he compares to scorpions; it is written in praise of martyrdom), Adversus Hermogenem, De censu animae adv. (180) You cannot bring scratch paper, but you can mark anywhere in your test book if you need to try an idea or solve a problem. Nglish: Translation of the brochure for Spanish speakers (138) When I looked at the booklet produced for the exhibition in London, I saw the photographs of the finished work. (48) She looked at the instruction manual completely puzzled. (106) I probably would have missed the booklet “Grilled cheese at four o`clock in the morning”. (146) If someone is already planning their wedding and does not know where to start, this brochure could be beneficial. (141) One million copies of the brochure have been printed and a free helpline provides information on the benefits. (20) This brochure sets out the tasks of the Committee. (24) For instructions, please refer to the attached brochure.

(118) The packaging contains a deck of cards and a booklet whose pages are perplexed. (203) The first place to look is in the box supplied with the juicer, as many, if not most, manufacturers include a few recipes in the instruction manual or provide a separate brochure or map. (97) Read this excerpt from an information brochure on the work of a flight attendant. (184) For example, its campaign brochure indicates that successful bulls are now obliged to impregnate hundreds of mares each year. (128) I must point out that the notes and texts of the choirs are written only in French and German. (83) The Royal Mail service record contains a guide to delivery times worldwide. (171) Please pay particular attention to the penultimate paragraph of the brochure: non-compliance is punishable by a maximum fine of € 20,00 (39) The newly published brochure is divided into three parts. (114) An information brochure will be available and announcements in the press will take the embassy home. (207) They produced leaflets. They called offices. They checked the schedules.

They met with secretaries. They produced a city-wide election forum booklet to learn more about their candidates. (87) I have requested and underlined the figures highlighted for the longest time at the end of the brochure. (22) Ask for the free booklet Debt: A Survival Guide. (163) LYE`s lead author, Sheila Jeffreys, says the reaction to the libretto, even among lesbians, has been quite shocking. Every boy and girl should read this booklet to prepare against evils of the kind just described. (98) The content was correct, but there is no room for his hand and foot in the brochure. (196) The Northern Ireland Association offers women a brochure containing detailed information on hotels in Liverpool which offer support programmes for those who have to spend the night. (105) The notes to the accompanying brochure allude to the hard-won simplicity of the Mansurian language.

(72) The question arose as to how best to characterise the brochure for teachers. (168) In my description, it said: Automatic reset. Daily. When he arrived, there was NO instruction manual with her. (133) You can also order copies of the booklet in strip, large print and Braille. (81) Some lyrics are taken from the booklet of the album Heavy Machinery and from Jens` homepage. (189) In total, around 30 schools and universities from all over the region joined forces to produce a comprehensive brochure on the offer. (62) Watercress: use plants grown on site with a free recipe booklet. (119) He pushed the reddish-brown out of his eyes and handed me the spirally bound booklet.

(120) Willy the Wizard is a very insignificant booklet that runs on pages with limited distribution. (117) A souvenir booklet was offered at the fair, as well as a free sampler 45 with album cups. The leaders of the organization do not dare to allow the brochure I have seen to be distributed in a general way to its members. (63) The brochure should be very useful for parents of children with disabilities.

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