Bmw Group Legal Department

Bmw Group Legal Department

B. Compliance with legal obligations to which BMW is subject (Art. 6 para. 1 c, f) of the EU General Data Protection Regulation)BMW also processes personal data if there is a legal obligation to do so. Contact details for data protection from BMW AG and BMW AG Group We have hired a certain percentage of people over the age of fifty to have their expertise and experience, but we have also ensured that many people are only hired outside of school. In the legal team, it`s harder to do that because if they come from outside our industry, they don`t have the knowledge to start working. In the legal department, we usually hire people between the ages of 28 and 38, but we try to vary in this area. We have tools to measure the age distribution, and I think a good distribution is needed. One of the problems with seasoned lawyers is attrition as people get into the business or other businesses.

So far, about 30% of them have stayed until retirement. We now allow part-time work in the legal department, which we did not do 20 years ago. We also have programs that help women to really reintegrate and gradually introduce them after maternity leave. This absolutely contributed to the detention of women lawyers – we did not lose a single lawyer after maternity leave. We have a very generous program developed by the German government but sponsored by us. German law allows maternity leave of six weeks before and eight weeks after birth, with the possibility of parental leave up to three years after birth, with full job security. The first year`s vacation is paid in full by employers up to a certain maximum, which in our case is about the same as what a young lawyer would do after taxes. From General Counsel to Patent Law to Compliance, our legal services are comprised of a dynamic group of experienced lawyers and lawyers who work hand in hand with their international colleagues to address the challenges we face as a global automotive brand. They form a reliable legal, management and regulatory function that supports the implementation of our business strategies while meeting the obligations of the Board of Directors. Our legal department is a dynamic group of experienced lawyers and lawyers who work hand in hand with their international colleagues to address the challenges we face as a global automotive brand. Note: Other contact persons are available for further comments or questions about the BMW Group.

Please use the form provided to contact the relevant services. Right to object (Art. 21 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation): You may object at any time to the processing of your data on grounds arising from your particular situation, provided that the processing of the data is based on your consent or our legitimate interest or that of a third party. In this case, we will no longer process your data. The latter does not apply if we can demonstrate compelling and justifiable reasons for the processing that outweigh your interests or if we need your data to assert, exercise or defend legal claims. In order to avoid legal risks, employees can discuss their issues with their managers and the responsible departments of the BMW Group, in particular the legal, corporate audit and corporate security departments. Kirsty Cooper is Group General Counsel and a member of the Executive Committee of the Aviva Multinational Insurance Group. She talks about the challenges of managing diversity in Europe and beyond, and how Aviva has successfully put diversity and inclusion at the heart of its actions. It takes passion, insight and technical know-how to have professional legal representation that contributes to safeguarding the economic and legal interests, freedom of action and reputation of the BMW Group – and thus also to the long-term success of the company. Use for customer service For customer service, data collected from you may be kept for 3 to 10 years, unless you request the deletion of such data and there are no contractual or legal requirements that conflict with this deletion request. Use to comply with a contractIn order to fulfil contractual obligations, data collected from you may be kept for as long as the contract is in force and – depending on the nature and scope of the contract – for 6 or 10 years beyond this period in order to comply with legal accounting requirements and to ensure the clarification of any questions or claims after the end of the contract. We also process your data in the event of legal conflicts, if the dispute requires data processing.

We only process your data if this is permitted by applicable legal regulations. In particular, we process your data on the basis of Art. 6 and Article 9 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation as well as on the basis of consent in accordance with Article 7 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. In doing so, we base the processing of your data, among others, on the following legal principles. Please note that this is not a complete or conclusive list of legal principles, but only examples intended to make legal principles more transparent. In addition to eliminating misconduct and illegal acts, other risk reduction measures may be required, which may include appropriate personnel measures and sanctions in the event of individual misconduct. The range of sanctions may cover the entire spectrum, as appropriate. Group Compliance provides various IT tools that help BMW Group departments and employees understand and comply with relevant legal requirements in everyday situations. Compliance functions advise global departments on all compliance matters. The consultation approach is holistic and takes into account departmental and local particularities. That`s why we`re always on the lookout for experienced lawyers and the brightest new lawyers to help us ensure our road law compliance, defend our brands, designs and fields – and provide our vehicles with the world-class representation they deserve at every turn of the road. The General Counsel and Patent Attorneys of the BMW Group Legal Department and the specialist departments of intellectual property, labour and employment law as well as tax law carry out their work with complete professional independence.

But they also work with other departments in interdisciplinary teams to contribute to the uniqueness of the company`s technical innovations and products. Your expertise and legal acumen could play a critical role not only in protecting our brand at the national level, but also in anticipating and managing emerging risks that could have a global impact. The Bmw Group Compliance Committee Office manages and monitors the activities necessary to prevent violations of the law within the BMW Group. Here, too, legal experts collaborate with colleagues from other disciplines in interdisciplinary teams. Restriction of the provision of information about the rights of data subjectsIn certain situations, legal requirements may mean that we do not inform about all your data. If, in such a case, we have to refuse your request for information, we will also inform you of the reasons for the refusal. Compliance audits are planned audits that are independent of risks, activities and areas of activity and individual areas of activity of the company in order to identify specific compliance risks. The focus is on reviewing measures that comply with the law.

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