Anne Sutter Upward Legal

Anne Sutter Upward Legal

Finally, there are many opportunities for change: from lawyer to lawyer and vice versa, the opening of notarial offices to lawyers, the development of legal and tax functions within start-ups and investment funds, the transition from legal functions to various functions such as compliance or more operational functions such as mergers and acquisitions, etc. Upward Legal`s goal is to become a leading player in the market for recruiting lawyers, legal and tax specialists for clients and candidates. Rigor, speed and completeness are our strengths for a hunt that we always try to build with our customers. That`s what they appreciate! My career began, as a unique consultant, in one of the best headhunting firms specializing in legal and tax functions. Nevertheless wishing to make use of my legal experience, I then completed two additional internships still in the legal field. My first internship in Knowledge Management in a law firm will not be conclusive. Auf persönlicher Ebene bin ich glücklich, die Farben eines Unternehmens zu verteidigen, das es jedem seiner Mitglieder, unabhängig von seiner Rolle, ermöglicht, sich in einem anregenden Umfeld zu entwickeln und ein Projekt aufzubauen, zu wachsen und starke Werte und Überzeugungen zu teilen. Zudem bin ich in ein eingespieltes, dynamisches und anspruchsvolles Team eingetreten. After several years of experience and convinced that a more modern and efficient model exists, I decided to take up a new challenge: to join Upward Legal as a Manager. In summary, I found a perfect symbiosis between a fast and global candidate approach, in parallel with a flexible, scalable and tailor-made customer relationship that adapts to the reality of the market. Being a headhunter is a demanding job, fulfilling on a human level and allows you to meet permanent challenges! Our goal is to support our existing customers in the long term and to put our know-how at the service of new customers. For the dynamism of this ever-growing group, for their team and for their strong convictions, which are also mine.

Our customers are usually very careful and need to be as trustworthy as possible with their partners. Perhaps more than anywhere else, they need to prove themselves and have a strong ethic to survive. The least we can say is that it was a revelation. I have been practicing this profession, which is a real vocation, for several years and in the decades to come, I hope. The particularity of the company, which is also its DNA, lies in its entrepreneurial spirit. It is also an opportunity for each employee to project themselves and evolve in the structure by participating in common projects. As for our added value, it is clearly the advice and support we provide to our clients and candidates. Headhunting shook a career that seemed to have started in earnest: a master`s degree in law, internships at law firms, and entrance exams. The DNA, the culture of law firms is very strong with appropriate codes that require a minimum of insider knowledge. This requires a solid knowledge of the market and, in addition, a level of confidentiality and ethics that may be higher than in other sectors. After a university degree in business law and various internships in a law firm, I realized that I lacked something to be perfectly fulfilled professionally.

I then questioned the path to becoming an M&A lawyer and decided to upset what I thought I had acquired. I then discovered this profession for which I very quickly had a real crush and decided to continue in this way. Dieser Markt verändert sich ebenfalls, da jüngere Kandidaten die Entitäten immer schneller wechseln, was eine große Reaktionsfähigkeit und sorgfältige Überwachung dieser Unternehmen erfordert. Auch ihre Kriterien haben sich geändert, und die Work-Life-Balance steht heute oft im Vordergrund. We all have the ambition to always do better, for example by reducing our response times while maintaining the quality of our collaboration. Upward is also innovative in the way it approaches missions and communicates externally. I develop a real expertise thanks in particular to a qualitative business approach, a real investment in my candidates and my clients as well as a real desire to succeed. For several reasons, but especially because of its values! In conclusion, I would like to say that desire and ambition are the driving force behind all these machines. Without them, there is no finish line! My common thread has always been hyper-specialization in the market of lawyers and lawyers. I had the chance to be trained in the best companies in this very specific market that requires a thorough knowledge of its actors and this environment.

In summary, what I was looking for and what I found at Upward is a tailor-made, quality approach, in a flexible structure to adapt to the reality of the market. Upward offers me some flexibility and a form of freedom in the way I work with our clients, while having fast and quality access to candidates. Every assignment and every client is different. It is important to be able to adapt as best as possible to their needs. My second internship in a headhunting firm specializing in legal functions will be revealing! Upward Legal aims to become a reference player in the recruitment market for lawyers, jurists and tax specialists. Whether it`s the founder Michael Obadia, the group`s employees like Axel Franco, the various managers and collaborators, or our interns, we all share the same values, including our sacred trilogy: goodwill, expertise and ambition! It is a company that attaches great importance to the goodwill and quality of the relationships it builds with its clients and candidates for a long-term relationship.

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